Artwork In My Home

My love of art has not decreased throughout the years of my life but instead has only increased with time.  I’ve learned more and more about the technical and fluid details of specific works of art.  With the more I learn, I try to incorporate more of art into my life.  Now just as I have moved into my new home, I’ve been trying to work out the details so that I could surround myself with as many forms of art as possible.


Although I, myself, am not an artist (or will I ever be), I understand it well and have learned much about it throughout the years.  I’ve learned that many people believe that art is easy and can be done by anyone.  Although I agree with the part that art can indeed be created by everyone, I cannot agree with the belief that art is easy.  Art is extremely technical, and I know that from acquiring personal training at a very young age.  Through my individual training of drawing and painting, I’ve learned that I just don’t own the talent of creating technical and talented art.  Since I’ve moved into my home, I’ve hired beautiful painters in Toronto who will help design art or just paint your walls.  Because of my intense passion for art, I’ve asked them to paint on specific designs on my interior walls so that I can feel like I am constantly surrounded by the things I love.

If you feel the same way as me and have a passion for art, consider immersing your home in different types of art forms.  Collect as many paintings as you can along with sculptures and other pieces of cool and different art forms.  If you’re like me and love paintings, consider a wall mural or even some graphic art that can be painted on the interiors of your home.  There are some house painters in Toronto who will help and do an amazing job.

I hope that you will surround yourself with the things you love.  Whether it’s art, music, sports, films, or any other passion that you have, just remember it’s important that you learn more about it and feed into that passion.  Although I know I will never become an artist, art is what makes me happy and as long as I know and understand that I can still have a life with art in it, I will be content.

All About Art

My parents enrolled me in art class when I was 7 years old.  I hated it.  I hated my teacher, I hated the homework, and most of all, I hated creating art.  Whether it was sketching or painting, I disliked it so much I begged my parents to stop the lessons.  Eventually they let up and I never had to look at art again.


Up until the time I got to university, I never had to.  But it took me one trip to the Louvre in Paris that I started looking at art again.  I realized I loved it.  Maybe because to me, this was what real art looked like.  Not something I created, but something that has been around for hundreds of years.  It was amazing.  Ever since then, I’ve been studying different forms of art.  Whether it’s paintings, sculptures, or even performance art – I’m all into it.